weakness suits biden

Posted: Tuesday, October 28, 2008
joe biden: “I know this has been a pretty mean campaign. I was on a television station the other day and doing a satellite feed to a major network in Florida. And the anchor quotes Karl Marx and says in a sense, isn’t Barack Obama Karl Marx? You know, I mean, folks, this stuff you’re hearing — this stuff you’re hearing in this campaign, some of it is pretty ugly and some of the innuendo is pretty ugly.”

what? are you for real? one tough interview results in tears? go cry to someone else you pansy, we have real problems. this man, this loathsome disgusting man is calling you stupid right to your face america. he is a coward. he is as weak a man as i have seen in some time. i don't hate the left, i don't even hate biden, but the facts are in, this is one of the worst men in politics at the moment. IF obama wins, biden will be a national embarrassment for their entire administration.