prop 8 is a time waster

Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2008
nearly everything i say on here is a conservative point of view but on this one i just don't get why we should even care. every time i think about this issue i always come to the same conclusion - if you are not in favor of gay marriage then don't marry a person of your gender. why do we have to make laws to prevent other people from doing things just because we are offended by them. this issue just takes time away from thinking about things that actually need fixing. i don't have a problem with it being put to a vote and seeing what happens, but eventually we are going to allow this to happen and the sooner we do, then the sooner we can move on from this argument.


Posted: Thursday, October 30, 2008
we did it!!!!!
This is what it means to be a philly fan. the suffering is over my freinds! we did it! we finally did it! Thanks phils, true champions in Philly!a team and a city come together

weakness suits biden

Posted: Tuesday, October 28, 2008
joe biden: “I know this has been a pretty mean campaign. I was on a television station the other day and doing a satellite feed to a major network in Florida. And the anchor quotes Karl Marx and says in a sense, isn’t Barack Obama Karl Marx? You know, I mean, folks, this stuff you’re hearing — this stuff you’re hearing in this campaign, some of it is pretty ugly and some of the innuendo is pretty ugly.”

what? are you for real? one tough interview results in tears? go cry to someone else you pansy, we have real problems. this man, this loathsome disgusting man is calling you stupid right to your face america. he is a coward. he is as weak a man as i have seen in some time. i don't hate the left, i don't even hate biden, but the facts are in, this is one of the worst men in politics at the moment. IF obama wins, biden will be a national embarrassment for their entire administration.

biden is above your questions you silly americans

Posted: Sunday, October 26, 2008
ok now I've really had it. watch the video of biden angrily reacting to honest questions here. this is a despicable human being. a bitter, arrogant, pig of a man. listen up buddy. you better realise these are questions coming from independents and moderate conservatives and even some centrist democrats. if you think you can lead this country from the far left and not even pay attention to honest questions from the rest of us, well good luck. sure, you can win the election, thanks to a cowardly media, but you will not lead us. if everything barbara west was saying is so ridiculous then why don't you take the time to answer questions from us stupid morons who aren't smart enough to get it the way you do.

the far bigger issue here then biden's imperious personality is the cause of his anger. the media has been so soft on these guys for this entire campaign that ONE interview is going to send them into a fit. ONE measly interview with real questions gets turned into front page news because they have no experience at all in dealing with an interviewer who stands for what we want to know. how do you think this campaign would be going for them if they were always asked these type of questions? i suspect biden's smugness would have been to much for the even liberals to accept long ago, but you only get glimpses of it.

one of the best things about america is the theory that our leaders are not above us. that our leaders have to be accountable and answer to us. this democratic ticket is a massive threat to that. they don't believe they owe you us answers to anything because they have it all figured out. they can even spend our money better then us. maybe we have become such a nation of whiners that we are willing to sell out freedoms for a bogus promise of tax cuts and entitlements. a piece of somebody else's pie to be a ward of the state. doesn't seem like a good trade to me.

game 3

woooo!!!!! 2-1 baby! tough game my freinds. the rays are the real deal. it will be a great accomplishment if we can manage to beat them 2 more times. tomorrow ill get nervous all over again but for now.... drinks on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

game 1

Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2008
come on phillies!!!!!!

update: woohoo!!!!

the truth at last

here is democrate Orson Scott Card with a dead on perfect shot at the media. the sad part is most journalists would just laugh at this.

et tu hitch?

there are very few people in this world that can change my opinion just by telling me theirs is different. in fact i can't think of any. there are a few who can make me rethink things i once found indisputable. let's face it some people are smarter then me (no, its true). one of those people is the brilliant christopher hitchens. after hearing and reading his endorsement of obama i was a bit disappointed but not surprised. after contemplating his point of view i think i have to disagree. i don't think hitchens is seeing the irreversible damage an obama presidency, along with a democratic house and senate, would do to the country. maybe he doesn't see it as damage - i do. i also think hitchens is a one issue person, that issue being defeating terrorists, and obama has definitely done more sabre rattling then mccain. im sure he thinks the candidates different views on pakistan is more important then their different social values - i don't. in the end i think old hitch has more faith in obama following through with what he says then i do. we'll have to wait Nd see if obama actually confronts pakistan. i think it's safe to say no matter who hitchens supported in the end, he was always going to continue to blast both of them when necessary.

plumbing without a license

i think its worth quickly mentioning that when a contractor has a plumber's license he can hire anyone he wants to work under that license. i don't expect liberal media types to understand that someone could possibly know how to do something without years of useless schooling and clearing all their qualifications with some bloated department of federal bullshit, but we can actually figure out how to do things without any government involvement at all in the real world.

wake up

Posted: Tuesday, October 21, 2008
the hits just keep coming from Stanley Kurtz. this is a must read! the problem is, Mr. Kurtz is a member of a very exclusive group at the moment - responsible American journalists. if you weren't angry about the press's decision to ignore obama's past before i don't see how you can continue in bliss after seeing the treatment they layed on joe the plumber. this is no longer about a simple left lean by some people in the media. no man, this is a candidate being misrepresented to the American public by the MAIN STREAM MEDIA. i don't think its a conspiracy, i think its simply a matter of not caring about the truth. our press, the American press, no longer cares about the truth. they care about electing their man and they aren't going to make waves.

why? is it because on the cocktail circuit these frauds will get hammered for showing fairness to the right? does it have something to do with the corporations that run the media outlets? is it because the journalists are educated in the far left American universities, which crank out brain washed lefty robots? all i know is the people who try to figure these things out are laughed at and get no traction because there are very few places left where they can discuss what they learn. we've had at least a year to find out about this joker and only now with two weeks to go is the scope of his radicalism coming to light. is it going to reach the voters? doubtful. i don't even think most liberal journalists realise just how far left obama is, and i suspect they don't care to know. i think most of them would say whatever bad things they can find on obama can be ignored for what they consider "the greater good".

this is a dangerous time. at the moment its not the government taking our freedom, its the press. when we can't question our leaders without having our dirty laundry splashed all over the country that's scary. especially since the press doesn't seem to have the stomach to question democratic leaders at all. keep in mind the press might not tell us what to think, but they absolutely have some control over what we think about.

buzz kill

Posted: Monday, October 20, 2008
I loathe senators. ridiculous, time wasting, arrogant, foolish senators. their very existence makes my skin crawl. every cubic inch of space they occupy would be better used for sewage treatment. how do you get such an inflated sense of self-worth for doing practically nothing useful, for contributing less then nothing? senators are so in love with themselves that they can use a mirror as porn. i hope every senator in America gets a paper cut tomorrow.

Regular Joe Is a Regular Jackass

Posted: Sunday, October 19, 2008
If Joe Biden was such a regular Joe like he says, he would never get away with that smirk. Where i come from (which is actually about an hour from where Biden comes from) you get a smirk like that slapped right off your face. Politcians aren't regular people, OK? So can we all stop with the foolish acting like they are what we are every campaign season? Your a rich senator and I'm a working class jerk who sweats all day. neither one is better then the other, but they are different so let's just acknowledge that and move on. I don't care if you ride a stupid train to work, your a douche anyway, just make good decisions and drop the phony bullshit please.

A Message To Liberals

Republican politicians are not all idiots. Democratic politicians are not all geniuses. In fact, I'll bet Joe the Plumber's $250,000 that the exact same number of idiots and geniuses reside on both sides of the aisle. Now my democratic friends (if i tolerated such a thing) are of course confused by this. I'll explain. You see, contrary to what your professors taught you, it is possible for two smart people to come to different conclusions when faced with the same set of facts. Oh yeah! I could be smart, and you could be smart, and we could see something completely different, and still both be smart. fascinating, isn't it? Maybe it would help you to understand if you tried not being an arrogant know-it-all.

You Could Be "Joe the Plumber"

Posted: Saturday, October 18, 2008
apparently investigative journalism is only necessary when average citizens have an opinion and the nerve to ask a god damn question! the media will now attack anyone in Obama's way as shown here by Michelle Malkin. come on people! we can't allow this bull shit to continue. it could be you next. even if you support king Obama you could still be the next one torn apart for disagreeing with liberal way of seeing the world. as an ex-pat i can tell you the last thing separating us from the world is free speech. fight for your right to offend!!!

Free Speech Is Slipping Away

if you like free speech, and you are undecided, maybe you should read this article by michael barone from the washington times. if you are hungry for change, maybe you need to more specific! the change you may get is a blow to free speech, not by legislation, but by bullying, smearing, and slander. if we let it happen its our own fault. don't fall into the trap of keeping your mouth shut, you have an opinion right? even if the media and elitist east coast snobs want you to think being anti-obama is equal to being stupid, redneck, white trash, racist, or all the above, you know its not true! theres more of us on the right and in the middle then there are of them.