biden is above your questions you silly americans

Posted: Sunday, October 26, 2008
ok now I've really had it. watch the video of biden angrily reacting to honest questions here. this is a despicable human being. a bitter, arrogant, pig of a man. listen up buddy. you better realise these are questions coming from independents and moderate conservatives and even some centrist democrats. if you think you can lead this country from the far left and not even pay attention to honest questions from the rest of us, well good luck. sure, you can win the election, thanks to a cowardly media, but you will not lead us. if everything barbara west was saying is so ridiculous then why don't you take the time to answer questions from us stupid morons who aren't smart enough to get it the way you do.

the far bigger issue here then biden's imperious personality is the cause of his anger. the media has been so soft on these guys for this entire campaign that ONE interview is going to send them into a fit. ONE measly interview with real questions gets turned into front page news because they have no experience at all in dealing with an interviewer who stands for what we want to know. how do you think this campaign would be going for them if they were always asked these type of questions? i suspect biden's smugness would have been to much for the even liberals to accept long ago, but you only get glimpses of it.

one of the best things about america is the theory that our leaders are not above us. that our leaders have to be accountable and answer to us. this democratic ticket is a massive threat to that. they don't believe they owe you us answers to anything because they have it all figured out. they can even spend our money better then us. maybe we have become such a nation of whiners that we are willing to sell out freedoms for a bogus promise of tax cuts and entitlements. a piece of somebody else's pie to be a ward of the state. doesn't seem like a good trade to me.