wake up

Posted: Tuesday, October 21, 2008
the hits just keep coming from Stanley Kurtz. this is a must read! the problem is, Mr. Kurtz is a member of a very exclusive group at the moment - responsible American journalists. if you weren't angry about the press's decision to ignore obama's past before i don't see how you can continue in bliss after seeing the treatment they layed on joe the plumber. this is no longer about a simple left lean by some people in the media. no man, this is a candidate being misrepresented to the American public by the MAIN STREAM MEDIA. i don't think its a conspiracy, i think its simply a matter of not caring about the truth. our press, the American press, no longer cares about the truth. they care about electing their man and they aren't going to make waves.

why? is it because on the cocktail circuit these frauds will get hammered for showing fairness to the right? does it have something to do with the corporations that run the media outlets? is it because the journalists are educated in the far left American universities, which crank out brain washed lefty robots? all i know is the people who try to figure these things out are laughed at and get no traction because there are very few places left where they can discuss what they learn. we've had at least a year to find out about this joker and only now with two weeks to go is the scope of his radicalism coming to light. is it going to reach the voters? doubtful. i don't even think most liberal journalists realise just how far left obama is, and i suspect they don't care to know. i think most of them would say whatever bad things they can find on obama can be ignored for what they consider "the greater good".

this is a dangerous time. at the moment its not the government taking our freedom, its the press. when we can't question our leaders without having our dirty laundry splashed all over the country that's scary. especially since the press doesn't seem to have the stomach to question democratic leaders at all. keep in mind the press might not tell us what to think, but they absolutely have some control over what we think about.